Carnival of Real Estate

I usually submit an article of mine to the Consumer Focused Carnival of Real Estate, and have even hosted it once here on the Minneapolis Luxury Real Estate Blog. This week I decided to check out the Carnival of Real Estate, which has broader submission rules, and articles that are also intended for real estate agents. This weeks host was Altos Research : here is a snippet, so make sure to visit the site for some great articles:

“The fabulous blog fest, the Carnival of Real Estate, finds its way to our humble home today. While we came up short on working out a clever theme (Summer Solstice? 4th of July? Yankees vs. Giants? Gay Pride Parade?) for judging this week’s mound of entries, we decided at least to categorize them. Of the many, many dozens of entries, these are the four categories into which real estate writing has seemed to self-organize. We’ll highlight the best of each group….”

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