Buying a Home is no Easy Task

I had not realized that it has been three days since I last wrote a post. We have been negotiating with a local Minneapolis new home builder the last few days and I have just lost track of time. Driving back and forth for signatures, going to the design studio, packing the kids up to view lots….whew, I’m tired!

One thing about being an agent is that I have to not only negotiate with the builder, but I have to also negotiate with my husband. After approaching another contract as a spouse, I finally had to forgo that role and approach it as an agent. The spousal thoughts were getting in the way, namely emotions, and clouding my judgement. I also couldn’t make a good argument with my husband. Once I put on my agent hat, gave scenarios of available options on what would financially work for our family, I was able to successfully sell my husband on the last offer.

I think my husband was happy I had done so. Buying can become very emotional and stressful, and both were beginning to rear their ugly heads in our family. We could have easily let it get the best of us, and if it had, we would have walked away and waited until next year to begin looking again. A prospect I was not eagerly awaiting.

So if you are in the market to buy, my most important tip would be to check all emotions at the door. If you don’t, you might unknowingly pass that home you always dreamt about by, because you are too busy quibbling over tiny details that in the long run mean nothing to you.

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