How To Survive a Minnesota Winter

Winter will be on us before we know as temperatures continue to drop over the next month. Are you prepared?

Survival Kit for Your Car

It can get very cold here in Minnestoa, so consider putting a survival kit in your vehicle in case you are in an accident, or find yourself in a snow storm and have to pull over. Here are some items to keep in your car:

              • First Aid Kit
              • Shovel (for snow removal)
              • Sand Bags
              • Warm Clothing and Additional Boots
              • Blankets
              • Water and small food items
              • Tow Chain / Tire Chains
              • Road Flares and Reflectors
              • Jumper Cables

              Also make sure that your windshield washer fluid contains antifreeze. This will keep any ice from building up on your windshield. Don’t forget to SLOW down and watch for “black ice”. Black ice is ice that cannot be seen when driving and is a huge hazard in the winter, causing your tires to slip and your car to slide out of control.

              For more great Winter driving tips in Minnesota, check out the Department of Public Safety website.

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