Ramsey Hill Historic Home – Grand Hill

This weeks Historic Home is located at 530 Grand Hill, Saint Paul.

Built some time between 1885-1895, the home was designed by the firm Reed and Stem for Horace E. Stevens. Allen Stem also designed 340 Summit Avenue. The home sits on a corner lot, elevated off the street. With its red brick facade, the home really doesn’t have a design category that it fits neatly into. However it does have mostly Gothic characteristics as seen in the front porch arch and the pointed arch windows. The center gable is also influeced from the Gothic Revival style, and the dominant dual chimneys make a grand statement.

An addition was added to the home in 1923 by the new owner, Charles H. Bigelow, Jr. The design so well matched the original home, it is very hard to distinguish between the two. The home has about 5000 square feet, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and was last sold in 2002 for $795,000.

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