The Most Expensive Home For Sale in St. Paul

It’s always fun to know what’s for sale, especially when we’re talking about multi-million dollar homes. In St. Paul, the most expensive homes sit on or around Summit Avenue, one of the most famous streets in the Nation for historic homes, so it should come as no surprise that the following home sits just a few blocks away.

Luxury Historc Mansion Frederick Weyerhauser

Known as the Frederick Weyerhaeuser Mansion, it is currently listed for sale at $2.75 Million. It sits on the bluff overlooking St. Paul and has quite a large yard at 1.3 acres.

Learn more about this historic home, please visit Historic Homes of Minnesota.

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Jeff Aldridge July 1, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Thanks for posting this. It was a joy to see the interior photos much more clearly than in the realtor’s listing. The current owner, Mrs. O’Brien, is to be heartily congratulated on not overdecorating this truly magnificent interior. One can really appreciate the interior architecture and its detail. I must say that the new owner should lose the shiny green tile in the sun room……… simply does not work. I can’t wait to see who buys this great mansion…..I just pray they don’t subdivide it into condominiums. This is always a fear with our neighborhood gems.

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