Mansions fit for a Kid…or a Dog

These are the homes we dream of owning, or at the least the homes our kids dream of playing in. I had a childhood friend who had an architect for a father. He built her a real house, sized down to fit us kids, and it was larger than the little mansion pictured above built by the Little Cottage Company. It was so much fun to play in, my favorite part being the grocery store with real cash registers. I will always remember that house, as it gave way to imagination and dreaming. Today, with the blessing of technology and easier building techniques, playhouses can be enjoyed by many more people/kids. Of course, building a playhouse mansion will set you back around $10,000-30,000, you can pick up less luxurious ones for$1000-2000. Boys don’t have to be left out for a playhouse – build them an awesome firehouse or old fashioned red school house.

Now, if you don’t have kids, don’t feel left out. Your pets can have their own puppy mansion too. Check out some of the custom built doghouses from La Petite Maison.

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