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Looking for something to do this holiday? Need a little bit of color pick-me-up? Visit the Como Conservatory for a great Holiday display going on until January 4, 2015. Makes for some great photos, too!


Backyard Sunrise Minnesota

A photo I took out my backyard window this Fall. Winter makes me dream of warmer weather.


Driving north on Cedar a month ago I looked up at the property overlooking the river valley and noticed a huge For Sale sign in the back yard. My heart sank a little, wondering if this year would be the last year to witness the beautiful oak tree that sits in the front yard being lit up for all to see. It really is stunning to be driving up or down Cedar at night and see the huge tree shining like a beacon. Hopefully the new owners will love the tree as much as the current ones and keep the tradition alive. AND hopefully, a developer does not buy the property and tear it all down.

In an interview with WCCO, the owners said:

“The potential buyer will also inherit 39,000 Christmas lights wrapped around one tree, but the promise to keep it lit can’t be included in a purchase agreement.

Hopefully, I can talk them into it, even if I have to come and be their assistant or apprentice for the first year or so to get the lights going,” Bob said. “I hope they do it.”

So while the fate of the tree hasn’t come to light, for this year, at the very least, the oak will still illuminate the holiday season.

“I really believe in their heart that part of their decision for buying it would be what we’ve done all these years” .

Here’s a story from 2009 about the tree and the people who come to visit it.


Minnesota Winter Snow 2014Yes, we get snow here in Minnesota.


Sunset on Lake Minnetonka

The other night I was fortunate to take a three hour boat ride around Lake Minnetonka. It was the perfect crisp autumn night and the sunset didn’t disappoint –  blues then to reds.

Late Sunset on Lake Minnetonka


Autumn in Dakota County

The Beginning of Fall in Minnesota


Springtime in Minnesota

That’s right! It’s finally here – SPRING! Winter sure did hold on tight this year.



Minnesota Fall in Red Wing

Autumn Reflections near Red Wing

It has been really cold here in Minnesota the last few weeks, and I find myself dreaming of some warmth and color. So I thought I would post a photo I took this past fall of a picturesque scene near Red Wing, MN. No, I did not stage the hunters in the canoe. They actually startled me with their gunshots – they were hiding in the reeds hunting geese. I literally watched them shoot a couple of geese out of the sky, paddle to the birds, and pull them out of the water. As they paddled away, I took this shot. Welcome to Minnesota!



Fall at Hidden Fall in Nerstrand State Park

Autumn at Hidden Falls

I headed down to Nerstrand State Park, near Northfield, two weeks ago to see if any of the fall colors were still around. Most of it was gone, but down by the waterfall, there were a few trees hanging onto their leaves, almost just for me.

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