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It’s amazing to look at the photo I took just last August and see how far stadium construction has come in such a short time. The photos were taken from the same spot. It’s also unbelievable how brave these constructions workers are, especially the ones who walk along the top beams. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it!

New Vikings Stadium under construction 2014

 August 2014

New Vikings Stadium 2015

 April 2015


Looking for something to do this holiday? Need a little bit of color pick-me-up? Visit the Como Conservatory for a great Holiday display going on until January 4, 2015. Makes for some great photos, too!


Backyard Sunrise Minnesota

A photo I took out my backyard window this Fall. Winter makes me dream of warmer weather.


Sunset on Lake Minnetonka

The other night I was fortunate to take a three hour boat ride around Lake Minnetonka. It was the perfect crisp autumn night and the sunset didn’t disappoint –  blues then to reds.

Late Sunset on Lake Minnetonka


Minnesota Coneflower and Busy Bee

I usually don’t like to get close to bees, but this one was so busy he didn’t realize how close I was with my macro lens.


Marsh Marigold at Nerstrand State Park
Nerstrand State Park Wildflower Spring 2012

I went down to Nerstrand State Park last week to see what was blooming and found the Marsh Marigolds in full bloom.


Autumn in Dakota County

The Beginning of Fall in Minnesota


Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Conservatory Fish

"Standing Glass Fish", Frank Gehry, 1986

One of my favorite places to visit in Minneapolis is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden located just off downtown by Loring Park. I always visit the big fish in the conservatory as he is just really cool to look at. For this image I used HRD photography to catch the full range of light.


Properly Marketing a Home For Sale

Beautiful Flower Beds

Most real estate agents are not good writers, so it should come as no surprise that when you read through real estate listings the descriptions are lack luster. Some agents just don’t care, some just don’t know how to write well, and some agents are so “old school” that they know no other way. Sadly, home owners are the ones hurt because poorly written descriptions fail to attract buyers, so it is extremely important to choose an agent that writes well and takes the time to create a story about your home.

I continualy write on this blog about the importance of good listing photos and how they are the first things buyers look at when searching for a luxury home in the Twin Cities. Photos are the window into the soul of the home, but to make them even better, you must have a description that tells a buyer what they are looking at.

What to Do

  • Accurately describe the home. Calling it the “Best” home in the neighborhood might not be a bad thing, but you better make sure you can back it up with photos and reasons on WHY it is the “Best” home.
  • Use good adjectives that attract buyers like “Beautiful, Lovingly Maintained, Great Landscaping, Spacious”.
  • Include longer descriptions of photos that highlight great features of your home.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t use negative adjectives to describe your home. Words like “As-Is, Motivated Seller, Small, Needs TLC, Good Value” might not sound all that negative, but they can be a “red flag” to buyers who might think the home is not worth seeing, or needs too much work.
  • Don’t put photos of your listing on the MLS without descriptions. Simple words like “living room” no longer cut it. Buyers want to know exactly what they are looking at and the best way to attract them to your home is to provide ample descriptions.
  • Don’t be lazy. Check up on your Realtor and make sure they are giving your home the marketing it deserves!

(Of course if you pick the right agent from the beginning, you probably won’t have to do much. A great agent will make your listing shine!)


Historic Round Barn Near Red Wing

This beautifully restored round barn just outside of Red Wing, Minnesota can easily been seen from the Highway and if you call ahead to the Bed and Breakfast owners, you can even take a tour. To read more about the history of the barn, please visit my historic homes blog.

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