Top 10 Must Have Technologies in a Luxury Home

Do you have any of these Luxuries in your Minneapolis home?

  1. A Media Room – Media rooms are quickly replacing Home Theaters as they can be incorporated into a home’s living space and used for multiple reasons. A homeowner can watch movies, read, entertain, etc.
  2. Media Center Edition computers – MCEs help manage a home’s various media sources like surround sound, radio, TV recording and more.
  3. High-Definition TV – the newest technology to hit the market, it is quickly becoming the must have in top viewing performance.
  4. Lighting with Automation – now that computers are everywhere, having your home lighting system also on a computer mainframe will give you instant control to lighting, heating and cooling, close window drapes, turning on the security system, etc.
  5. Security Systems – New systems can protect a home while the owner is away by taking a snapshot of light usage in the house over the past two weeks, then mimicking the series while the owner is out of town. Cameras and computer monitors located throughout the home will let you know where everyone is located, inside and outside
  6. iPod Docking Station – homes are now adding docking systems that allow more flexibility in using the device’s media libraries and provide quick access.
  7. Smart Sound Systems – Bose has a great example for a whole-house system that allows a homeowner to control how music is played and distributed through a home.
  8. Gaming Rooms – We have come along way from just a pool table in the room. Now it is common to have a large flat-panel screen, surround sound, and fancy recliner chairs to play high-tech video games.
  9. Smart Kitchens – Computers now make it possible to program run times for dishwashers at the touch of a button. Refrigerators come with a touch pad computer screen listing temperature control, inventory lists, and can even tell you when it is time to get more eggs or if the milk is bad.
  10. Tankless Water Heaters – now you can take a hot shower as long as you want thanks to the new heating systems available. Hot water is delivered to you instantly, without the wasted energy of a common water heater. They take up less space and cut down on the energy bill!

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