Minneapolis New Home Features, Part 3

No longer just a Patio

The Parade of Homes is winding down this week with only four days left. I will be heading out to Cottage Grove today to view one of the Featured Luxury homes, which I will discuss later. One trend I have been seeing this past tour, which I really like, is how the outdoor patio is changing. No longer is it just a wood deck for having an occasional meal, but now is becoming an outdoor retreat for relaxation and a new extension of the home.

Us Minnesotans love nature. So it should be no surprise that we enjoy the outdoors, even in winter. Builders realize this and are taking advantage by creating a space for all seasons. With the back porch being covered by a vaulted roof one can sit outside and enjoy a rain storm. With the area being screened-in, we don’t have to worry about the mosquitoes biting. Even if it is snowing, we can burn a real fire and snuggle up under a blanket.

While some might prefer the classic sun room which is glassed in and quiet, I like to hear the birds chirping and the breeze rustling. If I had the porch shown in the photo, I would most likely never leave. It has a feeling of warmth from the wood siding and the stone fire place that you just don’t get from an indoor gas stove. Of course if you like the rustic, cabin feel, then this is for you.

There are so many options to add to a home, that most forget about the exterior. Now we have a new option and I hope to see this theme repeated in the future. Now if I could just take this exact space and add it to my current home. Too bad, for now I will just have to settle for my small, uncovered, tiny wood porch.

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