Unique Surfacing Material Breaks the Mold

Mother of Pearl Wall Tiles

For centuries this beautiful milky shell has graced fine jewelry of Kings and decorated intricate pieces of furniture. Now one company has taken the leap to integrate the material further into our lives. The Maya Romanoff Corporation in Chicago, known for pioneering new surface materials in the design industry, has developed a way of taking Mother of Pearl and inlaying it onto wall tiles.

Maya’s innovative design comes in various color hues from snow white, light shade of pinks, to charcoal grey, and a very beautiful green. The shell is inlaid onto tiles, which can then be placed on your walls, much like any other tiles used in today’s modern design. The overall appearance can be quite dramatic and inspiring.
The product is so new that I have yet to see it implemented into any Minneapolis luxury homes, but I am sure with such a clever way of bringing the Mother of Pearl texture into local estates, it will be seen in the very near future.

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