St Paul Historic Home 13

This weeks Historic Home is 465 Summit Avenue in Saint Paul, MN

Built in 1886 and for a cost of $18,400, this home was designed for William Constans, a French-born grocer. From one book I read, he ran the largest wholesale firm for hops, malts, and brewer’s supplies in the Northwest and the only one in St Paul. The business later evolved into the Schmidt Brewing Company.

You might be looking at the home and wondering “What style is this?”. Well it was originally designed by A.F. Gauger as a Queen Anne Victorian mansion. Take a look at this photo taken in 1890. You can just see a five-story tower on the southeast corner of the home and a spindle trimmed porch, classic designs of a Queen Anne. Sometime later, the porch and tower were removed and replaced by Colonial style moldings and decoration. For some reason, people liked to change the facade of the Victorian homes, most likely to give the home some extra character to set it apart from other Queen Annes on the Avenue. A carriage house was also constructed directly behind the house.

The home has approximately 7300 square feet and 9 -10 bedrooms and currently single

family residential. I came across a rumor that one owner of the home ran a funeral business in which his wife refused to let him advertise. His solution was to add a casket looking decoration to the top of the home. Take a look and see what you think….kinda looks like a casket to me!

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