Wealthy Minnesotans could be Leaving the State

Since the Democrats took over the Minnesota House of Representatives this year, all I keep seeing in the news is how they want to raise taxes. Let’s see, they want to add a 10 cent tax to gasoline, increase the state deed tax on home sales by 50%, and now they want to increase the income tax rate on local Minnesotans. Folks, we have a $2.2 Billion surplus in this state, so why are we increasing taxes? To play politics, plain and simple.

Local legislators want you to think they are great. The scam is to get residents to believe in the Robin Hood method, take from the “evil” rich and give that money to the poor. I am sorry, but this is NOT what America was founded on. If the House and Senate have their way, the new tax bill will go into effect in 2008, just weeks before the next election. They want the middle class public to see how “great” they have treated us by taxing the wealthy, only so we will cast our votes for them.

The House tax bill will raise the top income tax rate from 7.85% to 9%, and the Senate version would increase it to 9.7. The income generated would then be given back to non-wealthy home owners via a property tax credit. I am sure that sounds great to some, but not to me. I am not wealthy and I do not think it is correct to tax someone who works hard for their money more just “because they can afford it”. The only person who can stop the constant drafting of bills further taxing Minnesotans is the Governor, who has declared he will veto any such bill that comes across his desk. He is encouraging the Dems to come up with an alternative solution to solve their spending habits, instead of taxing the locals.

I was born and raised in Indiana, so I have Midwestern blood. It pains me to see our Midwest population move to the coasts or to places like Arizona because the cost of living is cheaper. Minnesota currently has the third highest income tax rate in the nation. If the House and Senate get their way, we will be #1. I don’t know about you, but I take better pride in being the 5th best “Green City” in the world. If I was a wealthy Minnesotan, I just might join the crowd and take my chances in Florida…they don’t have a state income tax!

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