Luxury Living, Highlight of Carnival

This week I am host of the Carnival of Luxury and articles submitted mostly centered on Luxury Living. So in honor of Living the Life of Luxury, this issue’s awards come in the form of precious gems and minerals.

The Pearl : By far one of the most simple of all gems that nature creates, the pearl is elegant when strung together in a simple strand. Luxury, in the same, does not have to be overly done to be beautiful. Mark Cutler of Mark Cutler Design shows us how simple design can make just as bold of a statement as a highly embellished one.

The Diamond: To put it simple enough, diamonds are brilliant, stand out, and sparkle like the stars. So why not travel the world and look for some festivals that stand out too. JourneyPod breaks down some great locations to enjoy a little sparkle and add some excitement to our lives.

Gold : For centuries the money standard for the entire world. And if you want to partake in this type of luxury, you will need a lot of it! shows us into the new world of luxury private jets.

The Sapphire : By far my favorite, the sapphire has been a gem associated with royalty. Take a look at some beautiful eggs to fill your luxury collectibles, if you can afford them. The Silicon Valley Blogger shows us the world of Russian crafted eggs, including the infamous Faberge eggs, at the Digerati Life.

Entries for the next Carnival of Luxury are being accepted at BlogCarnival. As this is only the second issue, we are looking to spread the word and get some great submissions for the next Carnival, currently being hosted every two weeks. Don’t forget our categories:

  • Luxury Living
  • Luxury Homes
  • Luxury Travel
  • Luxury Trends
  • Luxury Toys
  • World of Luxury

And if you can’t fit yours into one of these categories, suggest one!

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