Planting Your Roots, Literally

One of my hobbies is gardening. I have loved it since I was a kid, most likely because my mom was always in a flower bed every spring planting all kinds of flowers. As I got older and was able to learn about plants and how they grow, I started picking out favorites. To this day, my favorite is a Peony, with its gigantic blooms and strong fragrance.

But what do you do when it’s time to move? Do you leave your prized plants behind? Do you dig them up and take them with you? What are the “rules”?

There is no law that say plants MUST stay in a yard when it comes time to sell a home. They can be severed from the property. Here are two ways of saving your beloved flowers:

  1. Dig the Plants up Before you List – this might be kind of hard in the winter, but your best bet is to dig up the plants you want and replace them with something else. You could just fill the hole in with dirt, but be nice and leave the future owner with something pretty. By digging them up before hand, you stop any haggling over the plants during negotiations.
  2. Leave Plants till it’s Time to Move – if it is just not possible to move the plants until you move, then make sure to let anyone who views your home know that those plants are excluded from the sale. Make sure it is in writing and have both parties sign. This will alleviate any confusion over what is staying or going. Maybe even offer to buy a few replacement plants for the buyer, ones they like.

When my mother moved from the home she had lived in for 30 years, she took her prized Peonies with her. She had nurtured them for decades, and being as they take forever to grow, she didn’t want to start all over with new plants. When I moved from Florida, I did not have this luxury as the different zones make it impossible for southern plants to thrive here in the north. But if I ever find myself in her shoes, I too will dig up my flowers. They become a way of bringing the past with you, and thus, adding instant warmth to your new home.

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