Hidden Danger in Historic Homes

I know, you just love that old home in St Paul on Ramsey Hill. Or maybe that mansion in Minneapolis is calling your name. They have the original plaster walls, beautiful wood carvings, and antique tiled floors. Everything looks great…or does it?

Have you considered the hidden dangers that might be lurking in the home? If not, don’t worry. A home inspection will certainly find anything you may not. But there is one thing you might like to know before you buy.

Is there any lead still present in the home?

Federal law requires that any home built prior to 1978, must carry a disclosure to any potential buyers that lead or asbestos might be present in the home. Lead is most often found in the wall or trim paint, and asbestos usually resides in floor tiles. The disclosure also allows the buyer the option of having the home tested, but doesn’t require the seller to pay for any removal. A buyer should also receive a pamphlet from the Environmental Protection Agency about the dangers of lead based paint before they write up an offer, but if you don’t, an online version is available at the EPA website.

Lead is extremely harmful to young children so make sure to do some homework before you buy that historic home.

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