One of a Kind Auction You Don’t Want to Miss

Here in the United States, the word Chippendale brings up a picture of men dancing around and taking their clothes off. But to those of us that appreciate design and antiques, Chippendale is something we would love to find at an estate sale (that nobody else knows about) and pick it up for a steal. I have yet to have this happen and wish I could find a chair in my attic like a gentleman did on the Antiques Road Show.

So for those of you who know Thomas Chippendale and the furniture he designed in the mid 1700s, you might like to know that the Dumfries House in Scottland, which was furnished by Mr. Chippendale, will be going up for auction July 12-13 in London with Christie’s Auction House. The lot is the only surviving documented commission of his Rococo furniture.

According to Christie’s website, “Dumfries House was commissioned by the Fifth Earl of Dumfries in 1748 and built between 1754 – 1757 by Robert Adam and his brothers John and James.In 1759, almost certainly on Adam’s recommendation, Lord Dumfries visited Chippendale and Rannie’s workshop in St. Martin’s Lane, London. The resulting commission was the most important of Chippendale’s Director period”.

The grand house has been mostly untouched for 250 years and barely lived in, as the family lived in other areas of the country. The current owner, the seventh Marquess of Bute, is the family member auctioning off the contents. You Formula One racing fans might know him better as John Crichton-Stuart.

From the website it looks like there will be over 600 lots up for sale which you can view at the on-line catalogue. Additional works by William Mathie and Alexander Peter, will also be up for sale. If you decide to bid and win, having it shipped back to Minnesota, please invite me over for a look as I would love to view a piece of history!

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