St Paul Historic Home 21

This weeks historic home is 323 Summit Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Built in 1892 at a cost of $35,000, this home was built for Edward Nelson Saunders by the famous Clarence Johnston. The Minnesota Historical Society has a sketch of the home in their archives done by the architect, as well as photos of the home in 1898 and 1973. A previous home stood on the site in 1863 but I wasn’t able to find a photograph of it to post.

The home is a classic example of the Richardson Romanesque style to popular with the architect. It is actually one of my favorite homes on Summit, but it is in desperate need of repair. There are some fantastic details in the porch columns and their ornate capitals, as well as a beautiful stone railing on the third level of the front facade.
I am not one hundred percent sure but I think the home is currently a residential residence. At one time it was uses as the Cathedral Convent.

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