2007 Trends for the Luxury Home

Trends are always changing, especially in the real estate market. Yesterday it was granite, today it is concrete and glass. But no matter what, trends always start with the affluent. Here are the Top 10 New Trends for Luxury Homes.

  1. Eco-Friendly – affluent home owners are seeking alternative choices for saving energy by “Going Green”. But some are also choosing to pick building materials that are chemical free, or recycled. For example, Bamboo wood is being used for hardwood floors instead of expensive, rare exotic woods because is grows more quickly than a hardwood forest.
  2. Outdoor Kitchens – when entertaining, why transfer all the food from the kitchen to the patio, when you can prepare the food in your outdoor kitchen and enjoy the scenery at the same time? It is common place to have a stainless steel grill, sink, warming drawers, and fridge that costs tens of thousands of dollars.
  3. Nice Warm Floors – no longer just for the bathrooms, radiant heat is now available for the kitchen, patio, and even under hardwood floors. A very nice feature to have in Minnesota during the winter!
  4. Home Spas – for those that don’t have time to travel to an expensive spa resort, luxury home owners are now creating the spa experience in the master bath, through saunas, luxury bathtubs, and steam showers.
  5. Bye, Bye, Granite – now that granite is seen in almost any home, luxury owners are moving away from it and coming up with new materials. Today, products like glass, concrete, and quartzite are being showcased in high-end homes.
  6. Media Rooms – seems like it costs $50 to see a movie today, so luxury home owners are creating their own private viewing area in their homes, complete with snack bar and wine cart. In a recent survey by Unique Homes, 67% of luxury home buyers want a media room in the home they buy.
  7. Hightech, Smart Homes – the affluent love technology and want the homes to be technologically advanced. Computers run the home so the homeowner doesn’t have to.
  8. Drawers no Longer just for Forks – not only are kitchens being equipped with warming drawers for food, but now microwaves, dishwashers, and freezers are being integrated into the luxury kitchen, adding convenience for today’s chef.
  9. Glass Walls that Move – in Florida, one luxury builder designs 90 degree window-doors which literally open up two walls of a room to the outside. It’s a great way to bring the outside in and vice versa, adding some architectural interest at the same time.
  10. Wine Cellars – in almost every ultimate luxury home here in Minnesota, wine cellars are always found. And frankly, buyers expect them now. Having a cellar that can house 1000 wines are more is the norm, with room for wine tasting as well.

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