Must Haves for the Luxury Kitchen, Part 2 of 3

Countertops were featured in the first post of this series, highlighting some of the new construction materials available to affluent clientele. Another item that is a must for any luxury kitchen in Minneapolis is Drawers.

No, I am not talking about just any old, boring drawer, but drawers that actually serve a purpose other than holding your spatulas. The new appliance drawers free up space, while adding convenience.

Warming drawers have been around for a while, but the new ones have improved air control. They also feature variable temperature controls, with automatic shutoffs, as well as divided compartments so you can keep your veggies and roast separate from each other.

Dishwashers are now found as two individual drawer units. This configuration allows you to do smaller washes, saving water and energy. They also give you the option of a delicate cycle for your fine china and crystal.

One of my favorite new options is the microwave drawer. No longer do you have to mount it above your stove, or take up precious counter space. Now you can cook your food in a pull out drawer at knee level. It is definitely a “think out of the box” design and one I would love to implement in my own home.

Finally, an option to keep your husbands beer out of the fridge. Similar to the dishwasher drawer option, the Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer drawers can hold bear, ice, pop, etc. They can easily be installed in a luxury bedroom suite or in the media room for added convenience.

When looking at ways to add this new trend your kitchen, take into account your current cabinet setup. You will want to visualize how you cook and use your current appliances, and then integrate the selected drawer into the most utilized position. Contact a local cabinet showroom for ideas, or an appliance gallery.

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