For the Lake Enthusiast

If you need that special something to finish off your local Minneapolis lake boat house, but haven’t quite found it yet, then check out these Water Ski Chairs that I read about in the local Lakestyle magazine.

They are made from vintage wood water skis, so no two are alike. According to the owner’s website, “We build each chair from “scratch”. Non-ski parts such as seat slats are made from white pine, primed and then painted with 3 coats of exterior enamel in colors to match graphics on the skis. The chairs are then assembled with stainless steel fasteners to avoid any rust or corrosion”.

Since the chairs are handmade, expect to pay a pretty penny for each chair. At $1049 per chair, make sure you plan on putting them to good use. What a great way to recycle old skis…I never would have thought of it!

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