Taking Some Time Off

Yeah, I know many bloggers won’t be happy with me taking a few days off, but it has been much needed. We are still looking for a home and it is no easy task when you have two small children. The last month we have been negotiating with a local builder on constructing a new home, but it looks like that is falling through.

The builder is still holding on to last years sales prices. Unfortunately, he bought land during 2005, the height of the boom. Now that prices are falling, he is looking at making no money if he drops his prices to be competitive with the rest of the market. So, he is holding on, hoping that a less-informed buyer will come along and over pay for his lots. It won’t be me though.

We have decided to move on and have been spending the last few days looking at resales. Needless to say we are pretty picky and it is difficult to weed through the huge inventory out there. Now that fall is approaching and then winter, we will keep looking for that deal. It is interesting being a buyer in a buyer’s market.

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