What Really Matters When Listing Your Home

There are numerous decisions a seller must make when putting their home on the market. The first is obviously whether you will sell it yourself, or hire a real estate agent to market the home. I find that most high-end home owners in Minneapolis and St Paul, take the latter. They usually don’t have the time to do so, but also lack the experience in what it takes to sell a luxury home.

Probably the most important decision though is who you hire as your real estate agent. Do you go with the number one top producer in the Twin Cities, who is usually too busy to actually speak with you (you’ll hear from their “team” members more than the listing agent), the Goliath real estate company who’s signs are everywhere, or the brokerage that specializes in luxury homes?

Well, my advice would be none of the above.

The reason being, and this is my opinion, is that is does not matter what company you choose. That’s right, doesn’t matter one iota. The real estate brokerage you choose will never sell your house, nor will the red or blue sign. Do you really think a buyer drives up to a house, sees the pretty red sign, and says, “Wow, this is for sale by X realty! I think I’ll buy it”?

What matters is the real estate agent. She is the one you actually hire. She is the one you will be speaking with weekly. She is the one who will be finding every possible way to expose your home to the right buyers. *Remember though, make sure you actually like the agent you hire. Don’t hire someone just because he sells alot of homes. If he annoys you or doesn’t fit your personality, don’t torture yourself for the next six months by having him represent you.

Take a look at the agent’s marketing plan, her enthusiasm for your home, and her business philosophy. There is more to an agent than the list-to-sell ratios, her age, etc. Determine if the agent fits your needs and goals, and if she does, hire her on the spot. Don’t take your decision lightly, but also don’t be blinded by the pretty neon flashing lights of the big box real estate companies. Picking the perfect real estate agent isn’t a hard decision, but choosing the wrong could hurt you where it matters most, your wallet.

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