Being a Salesman

One great thing about being a Real Estate Agent is that the job takes you out of your element. You can’t sit behind a cubicle or desk and only speak with a client on the phone. A good agent must get face to face with a client, sometimes many times, in order to build a relationship.

Sometimes I want to be a silent agent when I run errands or go shopping. But it never fails that I run into someone talking about real estate and I can’t help but introduce myself. A good agent does this to build business. Our jobs are not Monday – Friday, 8-5. Many times we work all weekend and handing out business cards while standing in line for groceries is not unheard of. We can’t sit at a desk and wait for the phone to ring. We have to find the business for ourselves and that is the main reason so many new agents fail. It is difficult to step out of your safe element and approach a complete stranger. You have to sell yourself. You have to be disciplined.

With so many people online now a days, I have to also communicate over the Internet. I do this through my website and my blogs. A couple of times people have called me for real estate advice. When I ask them how they found me, they say they have been reading my blogs the last few months and decided to finally speak to me. The Internet lets clients and consumers stay in their element, but I am still not allowed to do so. I must always be the salesman.

This weekend I am having a garage sale…have to sell the first years worth of baby clothes and toys. Be assured that I will have my business cards ready to hand out to anyone that might need one. As a real estate agent, you have to take advantage of every opportunity you have, even if it is a beautiful Saturday morning while sitting in your garage.

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