The Man Cave

I have heard a new term this past year used on some Real Estate shows and on a couple of commercials. Men, seeing that their wives and girlfriends get to decorate the house and claim nearly every room in the home, are now requesting a room of their own – the Man Cave. The cave usually is a media room, or basement room, where the men can retreat to and, well, be men. Watching sports on TV, having a beer, and playing poker are just a few luxuries men now can enjoy…without women.

In Jackson, Wyoming, a home is currently for sale with it’s very own Man Cave. Take a look at the photo, from Gerry Spence’s luxury log home he has for sale for a cool $35 Million. He had it designed to look like a cave, with rock paintings and all. I wonder how much this cost for him to create. The home is truly beautiful and each room is unique. I am just not too sure if I would want to watch a movie in a cave, but I am sure the men love it!

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