Walking a few Miles in My Shoes

I took the weekend off today, from clients, and spent this afternoon on the Ramsey Hill Historic Home Tour. I walked all over the historic home area and saw 16 homes, including the St Paul Cathedral. Yes, my feet hurt, but it was a beautiful day and I wanted the exercise. It looked to be a success as there were tons of people out.

Even though my blogs are about Minneapolis, one of my specialties is historic homes, no matter where they are. So it is my job to know the historic home areas in Minneapolis, St Paul, and the surrounding towns. Viewing homes on tours, or as soon as they list for sale, is the best way for me to know the historic inventory. It doesn’t matter if they are million dollar luxury homes, or small little Arts and Crafts bungalow, as a historic home expert, I need to know what they look like.

It’s not all work though on these long walks, as I truly love old homes. I get to enjoy all the great architecture. Another great thing about the historic districts in Minneapolis and St Paul is that the neighborhoods have giant trees that line the streets. Sometimes it is hard to get a good photo of a home because the trees get in the way, like the home pictured above. When you walk down one of these old streets, you can almost imagine it being home.

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