Photos Make All the Difference

If you read my blog, then you should know that I love photography. Sometimes words alone cannot express the beauty of a sunset, or the serenity of one simple gorgeous flower growing in a field. But great photography doesn’t have to stop with nature.

For the most, photos tell a story. Real estate unfortunately has always been thought of as just “selling a home”. Many agents neglect, or fail to see, that selling a home has become so much more. Buyers want to hear the story of the home and know the home has been loved. In addition, especially on high-end homes, the number one thing to sell is the lifestyle story. What better way to do this then through pictures.

More goes into a photo then point and shoot. Lighting is probably the most important aspect of a great photo. The living room shot above has perfect lighting which presents a sense of warmth and relaxation to a buyer. The lighting is created to get this type of shot. One cannot just go into the room, shoot, and walk out with a fantastic photo. You actually have to work at it to get such perfection.

When marketing a luxury home, photography is the most important thing to me. If I don’t have great photos, how will I ever capture the attention of an affluent buyer? In fact, sometimes the photos need to be of the view, or of the lifestyle that will come with the home. Affluent buyers need to sold. They are not going to just flop down a couple million just because they can, as least not here in Minnesota. They want to know that they are not only making a sound investment, but they also want to know they will be able to live in and enjoy the luxury estate.

So when it comes time to put your luxury Minneapolis home up for sale, make sure the agent you hire has a marketing plan that includes professional photography. It will make all the difference in capturing the buyer’s attention. If you don’t, chances are your home will be languishing a long time on the real estate market, and the word “price reduction” might be uttered in your agent’s next conversation with you.

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