Burning Down the House

Apparently in Seattle, if you want to protest the McMansions going in near you, the best solution is to contact the Earth Liberation Front and have them torch the buildings for you.

The homes were part of a “controversial” housing development. Controversial because some neighbors didn’t want the thing to happen. It doesn’t matter that the homes were built using some “green” techniques, and thus reducing their carbon imprint. No, these people just don’t like big homes. Now, I understand that some people hate luxury homes and the space they take up, but radical environmentalists like this group, are just plain dumb in my opinion.

The damage they caused is estimated around $7 Million. The builders of the homes obviously carry insurance. So guess what, the insurance company will pay the claim, but then have to raise premiums on all its customers to cover the expense. We all know that nothing is free, and that the cost to do business is passed on to the consumer. So what the “saviors” of the environment have really done is hurt everyone else. The development is already approved and moving forward. The builders are going to rebuild, rather than abandon the project. Burning down the homes has done nothing except:

  • waste all the natural building materials used in the home
  • release gases into the atmosphere thus adding to air pollution
  • wasted the water needed to put out the fire
  • increased the amount of natural resources needed to rebuild the homes

I think these “environmentalists” are contradicting themselves here. What do you think?

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