Getting Inspiration for Your Interior Design

Designing a luxury home doesn’t have to stay local. There are many places across the United States where you can view high-end items to decorate your home with. Take for instance The Merchandise Mart in Chicago. If you have never been there, then you are missing out and should stop by on your next visit. Many times you have to come with an interior designer just to get in, but now there is a new area open to the public.

To find some elegant pieces, check out the Luxury Boutiques, which take up about 100,000 square feet and consist of 30 showrooms. You can find just about any type of style to fit your taste, and the nice thing is, there are designers available to help you pick your palette.

If you don’t want to travel, then you can visit the smaller version right here in Minneapolis. Near the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the International Market Square. Happy shopping!

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