Look to Motley Crue for Guidance

If you have ever been to a Motley Crue concert in the last few years, you would know that their stage theme is absolutely fantastic. The reason? They create an environment that not only tells a story, but they evoke emotion and engage the fans. I attended a concert a couple years back, and while not a raving fan, had a fantastic time. How could you not with all the fire works, dancers, music, and fun?

In the soft real estate market today, homes are taking longer to sell, and many times, home owners are reducing their price to get someone, anyone, to take the home off their hands. Sadly, many probably wouldn’t have to undercut themselves if they looked to Motley Crue for inspiration.

Excuse me? Motley Crue?

Yep and for obvious reasons. Buyers want to walk into a home and immediately feel like it is theirs. They want to be inspired…they want to see fireworks.

The best way to do this is to “stage” your home. While many of us might think our home is decorated just fine, nothing could be further from the truth. Those walls that are painted a deep purple…gotta go. The 1980s wallpaper with Paisleys…gotta go. The little figurines you collect which are scattered throughout the home…gotta go.

Why? Because a home looks better when it is depersonalized and neutral. If you want to see some great before and after shots of staged spaces, and get an idea of the difference staging your home can make, please visit this site. The effect staging has on a home that is for sale is obvious once you see these photos. What emotions come over you? Would you want to buy these homes if you saw them in the “after” state?

I would have to say yes. Staging a home will not only make your home show BETTER, it most likely will help your home sell FASTER, and for MORE money. Here is an idea I want to leave you with. Instead of reducing your home $5000 or more, why not look into a consultation with a professional home stager? With the little money you spend on staging your home, you could actually net more in the end and walk away with a great story on how you sold your home in a market when so many other sellers are failing.

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