Must Haves for the Luxury Kitchen, Part 4 of 4

Storage, Storage, Storage!

Another great trend in the luxury kitchen is utilizing as much space as possible in your cabinetry. Design has come a long way when it comes to storage options, and cooking is once again a cool thing to do every evening.

I like the perforated boards on some pullouts. Much like what you would find in an organized garage, these boards allow you to peg and hang your utensils for easy access. Say bye-bye to cluttered drawers!

You also can’t deny the pleasure of throwing away trash and recycles. Instead of bending over to open the door under the sink, now you can slide out a drawer of trash bins, saving you from needless back pain. I think this is my favorite “invention” in my new kitchen, besides the knife drawer with pull out cutting board I had specially installed.

Drawers have also come along way. Now they can hold plates, thanks to handy pegs keeping them in place, as well as pots and pans. It helps that many of these items can be camouflaged into the cabinetry, with many people not even knowing they exist.

The key to good kitchen design is making the cabinetry as functional as possible. Many times, a smaller kitchen can hold just as much as a large kitchen, if as much space is utilized as possible. Some cabinet makers are putting drawers at the very base of the cabinets, behind the toe kick area, which is good for linen storage. But when it comes to a luxury kitchen, buyers are expecting to see invention added to your kitchen design.
Must Haves for the Luxury Kitchen – Sinks

Must Haves for the Luxury Kitchen – Drawers

Must Haves for the Luxury Kitchen – Counters

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