Will Minnesota Nice go Bye-Bye this Fall?

I guess the Republicans that are coming are making a lot of people stir crazy in this town. Some are prepared to protest every waking moment while the convention goes on, while others are welcoming them into their homes by renting them space to sleep. I have never seen anything like it. Having never lived in a state that was so full of democrats has been opening my eyes to how fanatical those with liberal viewpoints can be.

Now this in not a political post so please do not attack me. But ever since I moved to Minnesota I have heard how proud Minnesotans are to be so nice. The term “Minnesota Nice” has even been coined to describe it, but I wonder if this characteristic is going to go bye-bye when the Republican convention comes to Saint Paul this fall.

Last weekend I volunteered to help at a silent auction to raise money for a local association. As we were checking people out and giving them their winnings, my friend and I were joking about how I am a Republican, probably the only one in the whole building. I have a good sense of humor, and it takes a lot to offend me, so the joking really did not bother me. But one gentleman who entered the room overheard our conversation and decided to take it upon himself to unleash his anger onto me.

I was told how I was to blame for everything wrong in this world, among other things, and I sat there and took it. To not do so, would not only have been unprofessional, but been bad manners. As I sat there, I wondered to myself where the famed Minnesota Nice went. Obviously it was thrown out the window by this gentleman. When his rant was over, I thanked him for his viewpoint, thanked him for his donation, and handed him his winnings.

After he walked away, my two friends working with me immediately looked at me with this horrified look, wondering if I was going to get upset. They were in absolute disbelief that I was just attacked. Many apologies followed, and I made sure they understood I was not offended. These things happen when emotions get in the way.

I guess the point to my story is that I am a very open minded person, and I welcome different viewpoints. I try my best to not become emotional during a discussion, but let reason prevail. Doing so leads to a better debate. But I fear that many in Saint Paul and Minneapolis are going to let emotions rule during the convention, and forget their manners. It’s one thing to disagree, but another to personally attack someone and tell them how they are the anti-Christ. While the event is still months away, I only ask that Minnesotans remember what they are famous for, being nice to our guests.

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