Great Ideas to Stretch Your Dollars

Easiest Ways to Save Money

Living in Minneapolis is not cheap. While the cost of living is not as high as California, there are other states cheaper than Minnesota. Here are some quick tips on how to save your hard earned money.

    1. Go Solar – The Feds are giving an energy tax credit this year where you can save 30% off a solar hot water system.
    2. Choose a lighter color – Dark colored roofs naturally attract more sunlight and heat up the home in summer. To conquer the battle of your air conditioner versus the sun, choose a lighter shade of shingles. You could save thousands.
    3. Look for the Energy Star – pick appliances that come Energy Star qualified. They can save you up to 40% in water consumption and 25% less energy.
    4. Watch movies at home – not only can you where your pajamas, but you could easily save $50 per movie by renting at home. Netflix is great as you can keep the movie as long as you want, and you won’t have to be quiet during the show.
    5. Fore go Starbucks – I know you love the “special” coffee, but by making your concoction at home and taking it with you in a thermos, you could save hundreds a year.
    6. Challenge the Tax man – some county property assessors have gone crazy with their appraisals due to the increase in home values the last few years. Ask him to reassess your home if you think it is too high and give him comparables. I did this on a home we owned when the new 2007 bill was $4000 more than 2006. The county assessor quickly realized his “mistake” and reduced the property tax back down to the 2006 amount.
    7. Count up your change – one of the biggest and quickest ways to get some cash is to count up those pennies and nickles laying around the home. You will be surprised how the little coins add up to big money.
    8. Raise your insurance deductible – Figure out how much you could pay should you wreck your car or have a major house repair. Raise the deductible and your monthly savings will change dramatically. The chances of a wreck are probably much lower than the benefit of saving money.
    9. Put your money somewhere – don’t just leave money sitting in a checking account. Put it in an high interest account or in a CD, or in a money market account.
    10. Get Green – do as much as possible to help the environment. Recycle through composting, go organic and grow your own veggies, use new energy saving light bulbs, recycle outdated computers, donate old clothes, just to name a few!

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