I am about to throw out the TV

I am literally getting to the point where I just can’t watch the news anymore. With the upcoming election, the only news is micro-analyzing everything a candidate says, spinning truths, bashing people, telling us how awful America is, the sky is falling, etc.

Is it no longer possible to live in a world where good things happen? You would think so if you read the newspaper or watch the news. You would think America is in the dark ages and about to be destroyed. You would think we were the most evil people in the world. What’s a person to do when you get depressed every time you get online and read more negative stories? Is the Internet killing humanity?

I try to always have a positive outlook on things. Sometimes it drives my husband crazy, but that’s just me. I know this housing debacle will figure itself out, I know that the oil controversy will push us to foreign Independence from the stuff, I know that in the end, my kids will grow up all right. Sure, there are bumps in the road, people disagree, and sometimes bad things happen, but as Americans, we always get through it some how. I think it is time we stop thinking about the bad things that could happen to us, and think about the good things that WILL happen to us.

Quit blaming everyone and start doing something about it.

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