Lake Living around Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis

Lake Nokomis is located just southeast of downtown Minneapolis and has always been a desirable place to live in Minneapolis. It’s origins began from glacial activity in the area which created a shallow depression, forming a marshland after the glaciers receded. The current 210 acre lake was originally named Lake Amelia in 1819, with its current name of Nokomis being given in 1910. In 1907, the lake only measured a maximum depth of 5 feet, but after a century of dredging, the current lake can go anywhere from 15 -33 feet deep in spots.

Residents love the area not only for the great neighborhoods surrounding the lake, but also for the recreational features Lake Nokomis provides. With almost three miles of walking paths, two beaches, a community center, softball fields, canoeing and sail boating, there is plenty to do in the summer and winter. If you are a hockey fan, there is even pond hockey available once the ice is thick enough, and you can play to your hearts content during the winter. You might be nudged out for a week though when the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships take over the lake, but at least you can enjoy the sport not too far from home.

As for the real estate surrounding Lake Nokomis, homes range in value from $100,000 up to a $900,000+, though the luxury homes are rare and very, very few. Most of the homes were built 1930 or later, so anyone thinking about buying in the area will find out that brand new homes, for the most part, do not exist in this area. Occasionally a home is torn down and a new home is built on the spot, but some of the lots can be small so only a small home can be placed on the lot.
Another feature of many homes surrounding Lake Nokomis is the detached garage. Behind each row of homes is an alley with which one can access the garage and backyard, or you can park on the street. Street parking can become tricky in the winter, though, when it is time for the snow plows to come. There are no homes that “sit” on the lake, or have lake frontage as part of their lot. The lake has roads around the 195 acres of parkland, and homes across the street are few and very desirable. At least this way, everyone has access to the lake.
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