Forget Fantasy Football, Think Fantasy Luxury Mansions

A few weeks ago, Forbes came out with their best picks for the Most Expensive Fictional Homes ever written about. That’s right, fictional homes that don’t exist.

Love the historic mansion that Lora Croft owned in Tomb Raider? It could be yours for $46.1 Million, should secret corridors, elaborate pulley systems, and puzzle gardens be up your alley.

Or you could put an offer in on the spooky mansion featured in 101 Dalmatians for $24.6 Million. The house features plenty of cobwebs, dark clouds, and kennel space.

My favorite by far would be to purchase the Tara Plantation in Gone with the Wind. Call me a romantic but I just love those big old homes in the south. It will only cost me $17.2 Million, green drapes excluded of course. But then again, Pemberly, from the book Pride and Prejudice, might beat it out, if I could afford $110 Million. Guess I will have to stay in the States.

The most expensive home is listed as “Xanadu, the home of newspaper baron Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane. Modeled on Hearst Castle, the real life San Simeon, Calif., estate of media mogul William Randolf Hearst, Xanadu was supposed to have been built on a private mountain from 20,000 tons of marble and 100,000 trees. It contained enough art for 10 museums, and the grounds were home to the world’s largest private zoo”…yours for $160 Million.
Have fun looking at the 15 luxury homes featured. Which home would you choose to purchase, if you had the money, and if, the homes really existed?

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