My New Years Resolution – Blogging

So if you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t been around for the last month or so. We’ll just call it a mixture of writer’s block and needed time off. I have been blogging for two years now, having three other blogs besides this one: Historic Homes of Minnesota, Mpls Real Estate (for the now luxury issues), and Active Rain (my social network blog). They have been sorta neglected too, but not as much as this luxury real estate blog.

I really do plan on blogging more this year. The last year got busy for me as my business grew and I switched Exit offices. I am now at Exit Realty Ventures, a new office in Savage that will serve more as a boutique real estate firm that concentrates on investment property and higher end properties. This doesn’t mean non-luxury homes will not be represented. But since my real estate niche is higher end homes, historic homes, and waterfront properties, I already have the tools in place for the new Exit office.

The other thing I like about this Exit Realty office is the fact we are not actively recruiting people into the office. This means no newbie agents. We will hand select who represents the office by making sure they bring something special to the table. In this way, we guarantee our clients better service through experienced agents. This is not a place to just “hang” your license and do no work. Times have changed in real estate, and unproductive agents just don’t have a place in the industry anymore.

But back to blogging. I do plan on posting at least three times a week, so if you see me slacking, feel free to point it out. Accountability helps everyone achieve their goals! (By the way, sorry for not being around.)

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