Comparing Twin Cities Luxury Real Estate to National Luxury Real Estate Market

It appears that the luxury market in Minneapolis and Saint Paul is seeing alot more action the last two months, compared to the national market which has been in a steady decline for the last year. And while affluent Americans may not think of the Twin Cities as a final destination (the cold issue in the winter always seems to get in the way), it is a well known fact that real estate is cheaper here, than in other parts of the country, where a home would cost about double of a mansion here in Minnesota.

The average cost of a high end home in the Twin Cities hovers between $800,000-850,000, while at the same time, the national average comes in a little above $1.15 Million. About the only downside to selling a home here in Minnesota is the fact it takes longer to sell here than in other parts of the country.

While we wonder how anyone could pass up the chance to buy on Lake Minnetonka, others in the country are drawn to highlights in their neck of the woods, and neglect to see the natural beauty of Minnesota. Having lived in San Diego, I quickly grew to love the constant temp of 70 degrees and all the sunshine. But after a few years, the constance of the weather began to bore me. Call it the Midwest born in me, but I longed for Spring and Fall. Florida was great for a while, too, but the horrible humidity and lack of Peonies, made me a little home sick. Of course, I didn’t realize how much I missed the Midwest until I moved back a few years ago and rediscovered the joy of snow.

We know what we have here in the Twin Cities, and I love telling people about the area through my blogs. So if you are sitting on that bubble of indecision about Minnesota, give me a call and I’ll convince you. 🙂

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