French Inspired Mansion tops the Parade of Homes

I have to say, if you get a chance to view any of the Parade of Homes this upcoming weekend, you simply have to visit home #310 in Plymouth. It is truly one of the best luxury homes on the entire tour. I visited the home last week, and I just have to apologize for the the cars in the photo…even on a Friday, the street was lined with 20 vehicles of other curious parties wanting the chance to view this amazing home.

Built by Hendel Homes, the home is located in Executive Woodlands at 14625 4th Ave N. The price tag on this home is listed at $3,850,000 Million. Just walking up to the front door alone is an experience, as homes in the French Provencal style are seldom built today (most easily identified by the Mansard roof).

With about 11,000 square feet, it feels like the home never ends. Some fantastic architectural features of the home include the gallery with its multiple groin vaults, the four foot gas torches, antique wood floors, custom iron railings, and a wonderful old world looking bar/wine room in the lower level.

The home is simply inspiring. At times it feels like you are in a castle, others in a fine hotel, and still in other parts of the home, walking through an old French estate not in America. Hats off to Hendel Homes for creating something special for the rest of us to dream about.

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