It’s a Busy Time for Real Estate

The last few weeks I have been extremely busy, thus the reason for no recent posts. In all honesty, I can’t believe it is a week into June. I have been negotiating a short sale, showing homes to a buyer, negotiating an offer on a listing, and excepting multiple offers the last four days on a duplex I recently listed. Yep, that’s right, multiple offers. Contrary to what the media reports, multiple offers are quite common in today’s market.

You see there are not a ton of fantastic properties out there. So when one comes along that is priced very well, buyers can see the value, and many times, they will bid over the asking price to get the home. Agents see the value you too, and point out properties to clients who might be looking for a deal. I know that one client of mine has been looking for low priced homes to flip, and most of the time, there are five or more offers on the home by the time they submit their offer. They most likely lose more than they win, but at least it goes to show you that buyers are competitively competing at the lower end bracket.

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