Yep, It’s Been a Busy Year for Real Estate…

…at least for me. Over the last few weeks, in conversations with people I meet everyday, I keep getting the question “How is real estate doing?”. I have to tell them that at least for me, real estate has been great this year. No surprise to me, but as soon as I say this, everyone looks at me in disbelief. The next question is always “Really?”.

For full time real estate agents who actually look for constant work, we have been doing well this year, despite what you hear from the media. A serious agent should not be complaining about lack of business…there is plenty out there to be had. My blogs and websites help me greatly in finding clientele, as a lot of my business comes from the Internet and past clients.

There are a lot of deals out there to be had for buyers, and I am finding that more sellers are realistic about the market in their pricing. Short sales and foreclosures have been rampant, but luxury homes priced right have been selling very well. I have no clue of what next year will bring, but for such a “bad” year as this year, I can’t imagine next year being any “worse”.

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