New Minnesota Yard Waste Law for 2010

Leave it to the Minnesota State Legislature to come up with some new laws to implement for 2010. Score one for the environment, at the cost of all of us who breathe.

Restrictions placed on plastic bags for yard waste

Most residents in Twin Cities surrounding seven counties who use plastic bags to dispose of yard waste will need to be sure the bags are certified as compostable by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Leave it to a bunch of politicians to force us to pony up more money for these bags. Maybe they should offer us some type of a tax credit, that being the trend and all currently. But of course the residents of Minneapolis don’t have to participate until 2013. Apparently the city would rather supply residents with plastic yard waste bins instead.

Don’t be surprised when in the next few years the Legislation decides to extend this law to ALL garbage bags. Give’em an inch, they take a yard.

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