Not All Negotiations are Nice

In Minnesota, the term “Minnesota Nice” is thrown around alot to describe just how great the people here are. But when it comes to negotiating deals in real estate, that nice attitude can sometimes be shed, especially when two parties have a hard time agreeing to terms.

Recently I had a transaction in which from the beginning, there was conflict. This happens sometimes when a buyer presents an extremely low offer which in turn greatly offends the seller. In this case, the seller stuck to his guns and refused to give into the buyer’s demands. Frustrated, but really wanting the property, the buyer gave in and agreed to the sellers terms. From that point on, there was hostility from the buyer during the inspection period, during those negotiations, and up to the end. Of course, they pointed the finger at the seller saying he was being difficult, and the buyer’s agent was wonderful to tell me what she really thought of my client.

But the point is this, not every deal is peaches and cream, and not every buyer or seller walks away from a sale feeling it was a win-win situation. Such is life. Negotiating a real estate sale can be down right unpleasant due to so many emotions getting in the way, however if you can keep the emotions out of it, you have a better chance of creating a pleasant atmosphere which will bring the “nice” back into the transaction.

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