Minneapolis Luxury New Home Ideas

Minneapolis Luxury Homes Packed with Amenities
His-and-her Rooms, Outdoor Water Features, and Multiple Kitchens

Today’s Minneapolis luxury homes offer features that luxury homeowners of a decade ago never even dreamed about. If you’re thinking about moving up, here are some of the comforts you might expect to find at the top of the housing food chain, as reported by The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.
One for Him, One for Her
His-and-her sinks in the bathroom have morphed into his-and-her bathrooms. Separate closets, dual dressing rooms, separate garages (she’s near the kitchen), and his-and-her living areas are also increasingly common features in million dollar properties. In short, gender-specific rooms are all the rage with affluent homeowners. She may enjoy a yoga room while he has a cigar room/gentleman’s retreat. He spends time on his backyard putting green while she entertains friends in her sitting/reading room. His closet boasts quality paneling while hers has climate controlled fur storage and a ball gown section. Alas, they may have to share the suitcase/packing room and the media room. And, of course, they each have a home office with broadband Internet access. In addition, luxury homebuyers in the Twin Cities real estate market are asking for a room where kids can do homework, surf the web, and play computer games.
Four Kitchens, Two Utility Rooms?

Another trend in upscale Minneapolis homes is multiple kitchens. In addition to a main kitchen, top of the line homes often have special catering kitchens and mini-master bedroom or guest room kitchens. In climates conducive to outside living, complete outdoor kitchens (most likely his) are gaining popularity. These cooking spaces may include everything from refrigerators, ovens, and icemakers to (of course) an elaborate grill. The main kitchen has also been updated. Granite countertops still top the desirability list but durable quartz product countertops are increasingly popular. Corian, concrete, and stainless steel counter tops remain on some buyers’ preference lists. Freestanding furniture-style cabinetry (on legs) teamed with metallic finish appliances highlight up-to-date kitchens. For those who remember harvest gold and avocado green appliances, guess what? Colored appliances are back. Today’s colors range from red to purple, green, and tan (even Sears Kenmore offers colored appliances). Major appliances have also become super-sized. One appliance maker is offering a 41-cubic foot refrigerator and another sells a range that will bake 144 cookies at once. TV refrigerators are also popping up in luxe kitchens. Vegetable sinks are a must in many kitchens. Translucent glass tiles, in lieu of ceramic tiles, complete cutting-edge kitchen decor. Many buyers want a second utility room in or near the master bedroom closet. The butler’s panty is another popular feature in upscale Minnetonka homes. Designed as a staging area between the kitchen and formal dining room, this special purpose room offers storage for crystal, china, silver and other items. If there’s no wine cellar, the butler’s pantry will generally have temperature controlled storage for red and white wine. If there is a wine cellar, it often includes a dining/wine tasting area.
Showers are Hot
The stress relief or spa bath is also an important amenity in luxury properties. Roomy, multiple-head steam or rain showers are gaining popularity while the newest bathtubs are bright with LED lights. These chromotherapy tubs let you change light color according to your mood. Luminous glass tiles in a variety of colors are also showing up in the bath, so is the “fixture as furniture” look. The addition of upholstered furniture — from chaise lounges to recliners — is making bathrooms more like home spas. Vessel sinks are waning in popularity and furniture fixtures (sinks inset into pieces of furniture) are adding bathroom pizzazz.
What else might you expect to find in your new million plus property? More square footage. Million dollar homes in the Minneapolis area real estate market most likely measure-in at least 4,000 square feet and pricier properties on the market today may be 45,000 square feet or more in the main house. Guest cottages, pool houses, courtyards, porches, and elevators, are common features in luxury properties for sale across the country.
From Cocooning to Blooming
Don’t forget the out-of-doors. Affluent homeowners in Minnetonka and Wayzata have given up cocooning, stepped outside and rediscovered gardening. Multiple gardens, potting sheds, garden accessories and garden art are more important than ever, as illustrated by the growing sales of garden catalog companies and garden emporiums. Outdoor water features including fountains and waterfalls are making a splashy comeback. Complete outdoor rooms with weather proof furnishings that look like they belong indoors are new outdoor amenities, as are modular sports courts for tennis, basketball, or other outdoor activities. Glass walls which retract to open up rooms to the out-of-doors are seen in “good weather” markets and glass which turns opaque with the flip of an electric switch gives you views or privacy on demand.
Luxury homes are also blooming with the latest colors. Did you know that representatives of home product companies from wall paints to linens meet regularly to agree on the next color palette? That’s why disparate products from differing manufacturers are color coordinated. Today’s featured colors include rich reds, innocent pinks, soft greens and bright blues, plus lots of lustrous white. A full range of purples, oranges (from apricot to bright orange) plus browns and golds are gaining in popularity, too. You’ll also still see lots of metallic and mirrored finishes. Wallpaper and chintz fabrics are even staging a bit of a comeback, at least in period homes.
No matter what lifestyle features or amenities you are looking for in your next home, I’d be delighted to provide you with information on what’s available in today’s market, especially if you are looking for Minneapolis real estate, homes for sale in Minnetonka and Wayzata, or historic homes in the St. Paul area. Please contact me if I can be of assistance in your home search (or home sale).

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