A Home’s Entry Point Can Make or Break a Showing

Twin Cities Luxury Home EntrywayMost retail businesses have their customers enter through a main entrance. This entrance is attractive, easy to enter, and immediately lets the customer know what the store represents. They want you to feel at ease and like what you are about to see because as the old saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression”. Businesses know that if you walked in through the back door, you would most likely would turn around and walk right back out. Simple concept, right?

So why do I see so many home owners not thinking about the importance of a buyer’s first impression? I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a home via a backdoor or garage. Trust me, it doesn’t start the showing off with a bang as usually the first thing the buyer sees is a basement door, mudroom, or kitchen.  You don’t want them seeing your muddy shoes or kids backpack – you want them to see the beautiful foyer, grand staircase, or open floor plan. Even if you don’t use your front door, it is extremely important to have any potential buyer’s enter through it.

Buyers are pickyer than they have ever been, and they will quickly write off a home with just one small negative. Do yourself a favor, spruce up your front entrance and make the “window of your home” more presentable. It will give a better first impression to a buyer, and give you, the seller, a better chance of getting that offer you have been waiting for.

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