Camera, Lights…

…No Sale! Yes, that’s right, your home isn’t getting sold. Why not, you ask? Have you checked out your home photos that your Realtor took when she listed the home? If you are like most sellers, you have never seen the photos of your home.

I took my two young sons to get some professional photos taken this weekend here in Minneapolis. I’m a pretty good photographer, but I don’t have the tools to make them look “studio quality”.

As I was sitting there, I had to laugh. Here I was, spending extra money to get some good photos of my most precious things, but I see sellers all the time penny pinching on quality of photos for their most precious thing, their luxury home. Looking through the MLS listings every day, I see Million dollar homes with pictures that are fuzzy, snow on the ground in July, out of focus, too much/too little light, not level, etc. And I just don’t understand how the seller could allow this to happen.

I have actually gone to listing appointments in which the sellers are looking for a new agent, and they ask me what price they should be at. See, they believe the price was the reason the home didn’t sell the first time. I look at them and tell them presentation is EVERYTHING. Then I show them their last photos on-line. Most are shocked, as they had no idea. With more than 70% of buyers looking on-line for homes before they start hitting the pavement, sellers really have to have top notch photos to impress that buyer.

So when you start looking for an agent to market your home, ask them what type of photos they will take. If you hear the photos will come from their camera, then move on to the next agent. Look for the agent that is willing to spend the extra money for professionally done photographs. Minneapolis has some great photographers that have experience with luxury homes, so be sure to look around, or ask your agent for referral advice. Put your best foot forward from the beginning, so your home is SOLD, not still SITTING!

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