Fire Your Agent …

…if your home is currently for sale and the main MLS photo shows your home in a winter wonderland. It’s June people! There are numerous homes, including multi-million dollar luxury homes, in the MLS as of today that still have snow on the ground. If your agent is too lazy, or too cheap, to take the time to re-shoot the exterior of your home, FIRE them!

Current Million Dollar Home For Sale in MLS

Here’s the thing. When a buyer sees snow on the ground in Summer, they have a pretty good idea that the home has been on the market a while. They might pass the home over, or decide to see it and offer you less. The thought might also occur to them that the seller really doesn’t care much about the marketing of their home, or better yet, that the listing agent doesn’t really care about the home either. With a down market, even the smallest things matter when marketing your home for sale. Personally, I think photos can either be your greatest asset, or your worst enemy, and it is pretty easy to figure out which one it is if you have a snow filled photo of your home in MLS.

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