Million Dollar Homes Should have Million Dollar Photos

Ok, so I would hope people would know by now that one of my biggest pet peeves is real estate photographs. It really drives me crazy with all the terrible photos I see constantly in the MLS database. I can understand terrible photos for $100,000 homes (but even those tilted photos get under my skin), but when it comes to terrible photographed homes priced in the million dollar range…I just don’t get it.

HomeownersWhen you hire real estate agents to sell your home, do the agents even tell you about their marketing plan? Better yet, do you even ask? Do you ask them how they will be photographing the home? Do you ask to see the end result?
Why does this matter? Because photos sell a home. Let me tell you something…agents have NO excuse for not paying for a professionally photographer to come into your luxury home. If you are letting them get away with walking into your home with their point and shoot camera, then there is probably a really good reason your home is not selling. Your photographs stink!
Agents Who do you think you are? Professional is NOT the word that comes to my mind. If you are listing a high-end home, then you better be shelling out the dollars for high-end photos. You are doing a huge disservice to your client and not giving them the proper exposure they need for an expensive home. Either spend the money for a professional, or leave the luxury home market.

In this post you will notice the photos I have used. All were taken from active homes in the MLS system, high end homes currently listed for more than $2.4 Million. See the problem?
  • the first photo is pretty dark and not too inviting. A professionally photographer would have lit up this room with his equipment, lit the fireplace, and created a photograph that presented a cozy living room space.
  • the second photo is always the main feature of the home which buyers want to see – the kitchen. This tilted photo makes the room look narrow and small, most likely scaring buyers away. If a wide angle lens was used and the room professionally lit, then the kitchen would look like a gourmet space, without having an ugly flash bouncing off the far cabinet.
  • the last photo, just makes you want to jump in that tub…I don’t think so. The room is dark, and I just “love” the shadow of the agents head taking up a quarter of the photo.

So hopefully, you can now see my points. Professional photography MUST be used when listing an expensive home. I see well known agents in the Twin Cities shooting million dollar homes themselves, and I am amazed that they keep getting hired. Sellers really need to understand that to attract buyers who can afford luxury real estate, you need to present the home as a luxury property. If your home photos stink, then maybe you should think about hiring another agent, one that specializes in selling luxury homes.

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